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Author Topic: Domination  (Read 121 times)

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« on: October 09, 2017, 12:47:05 am »
Tyranitar stood their, facing his all time enemy, aggron, "I will not be defeated!!" shouted Tyranitar, they started fighting, "eat this rock tomb!"" earthquake!" things like that were heard, it went on until both of them were very weak "please no more! i regret it all" they both said to eachother, then came a large pokemon crashing thru the wall, it was Dialga, "ZOMGZZZZZZZWTFZORSSSSSSSS" they both said, IM FIRING MA LAZ00R said dialga, suddenly out of nowere jumps quagsire using protect, "thanks mate" they both said, but not only quagsire, they had alot more pokemon, chansey, staraptor, pelipper, infernape and lots lot more came up for the fight.

After hours and hours of battling Dialga was almost dead, the diety of time, almost defeated, but what else would join the party than the diety of space, Palkia, SPACIAL REND palkia laughed, which killed every pokemon, but, to revenge all the other pokemon came every legendary from every game, gold and silver, leafgreen and firered, ruby saphire and emerald against the dietys from Diamond and pearl.

After a day and a half, the fighting stopped, Dialga against all odds defeated them, but palkia died, nooooo!!!!!!!! wake up palkia, wait, hes not asleep he died!!! nooooooooo!!!!!!

"Domination!!!!!!!!!!!!" A gyarados just stormed through and used Tm7846353546356463564* (*TM7846353546356463564 is Magikarp pwnage*) "OMGZ IT GOT 1 PP DIS BETR HIT OR IM FIRIN MY LAZ00000R!!!!" gyarados shouted "hey only i fire da laz0r." gyarados used Magikarp pwnage and killed Dialga, WEWT!!! said gyarados.

5 years on and all of the world is dominated by Magikarps and Gyarados' "WOW LOL THATS WHAT I CALL D0MIN47I0N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"




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    February 23, 2018, 07:45:03 pm
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  • Ernestas: My accounts were ip banned and I had to use proxy web to get a message across to dark, I couldn't just message his forum account as there was a problem with captcha
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