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Author Topic: [Vilous] Donation Info  (Read 372 times)

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[Vilous] Donation Info
« on: May 17, 2017, 12:12:09 pm »
Updated 8-Feb-2018
This is the list of donor perks for SORB Vilous-MC:
Donations go to help paying for the server.  ;D
If you have previously donated, you need to read this post:
Also, you should notify me or an admin that you need your rank on the server.

To previous donors:
If you have previously donated on SORB, you must know that there are strict rules regarding what's allowed for you to do. Interfering with other players in any way such as using your perks to annoy them is strictly not allowed.
Helping with their towns or factions or with some of your resources is allowed, but don't overpower anyone.

Failure to use common sense would definitely result in a penalty.
You are not allowed to:
  • Continuously change the time of day or the weather if it causes annoyance
  • PvP with overpowered armor that doesn't match the other opponent
  • PvP in God mode (duh)
  • [In creative mode] You may NOT give out items or build structures of any kind for other players. You are expected to follow this rule and not interfere with other's survival.
    • [In general] You are not allowed to interfere with other's survival. Period. That's keeping it simple.
    If you are caught being a general problem on the server, there will be no hesitation to solve the problem by any means necessary.

    • Receive [Timelord] prefix (you can choose to keep this prefix with any donor rank).
    • 5 Homes
    • /mc (Walk on air using a magic carpet made of glass)
    • /hat
    • /back (on death)
    • /skin set <player/skin name>
    • Modify and spawn copies of fireworks
    • /balancetop
    • /workbench (/wb does not work, you need to type the full command!)
    • /skull <playername>
    • TARDIS Chameleon Arch
    • Create a TARDIS back door
    • Sonic Screwdriver upgrades: paint, silktouch, diamond
    • TARDIS Rooms: Village, Workshop, Rail, Library, Igloo
    • TARDIS Interior desktop themes: Eleventh, Master
    • /tardistravel <coordinates X Y Z>
    • 12 more regenerations, 24 total (see /regen in-game).

    • All previous perks
    • 10 homes
    • /tptoggle
    • /tppos <coordinates X Y Z>
    • /nick
    • Exempt from AFK kicks
    • /tree (spawn a tree)
    • /book (Edit info in and on a book)
    • Stay on your magic carpet after you teleport
    • Use a Vortex Manipulator!
    • Sonic Screwdriver upgrades: Freeze (freeze players or entities temporarily)
    • TARDIS Rooms: Vault, Zero, Trenzalore, Renderer
    • TARDIS Interior desktop themes: Twelfth, Deluxe
    • /tprefs difficulty <easy/hard>
    • 12 more regenerations, 36 total (see /regen in-game).

    • All previous perks
    • 15 Homes
    • Any nick formant (color/special characters)
    • /tp
    • /fly
    • /speed (walk/fly)
    • /repair (for tools and armor)
      Do not allow others to use you for repairing their gear.
    • Acid immunity on Skaro
    • 12 more regenerations, 48 total (see /regen in-game).

    • All previous perks
    • 20 homes
    • /time (set time of day)
    • All enchantments with /enchant
    • Superpickaxe // (Mine blocks instantly)
    • /god
      PvP in godmode is not allowed, match your opponent.
    • /exp (set own xp level)
    • /repair all
    • Infinite regenerations (see /regen in-game).

    • All previous perks
    • 30 homes
    • /weather
    • /feed & /heal (self)
    • /unl [block] (use unlimited block placing)

    • All previous perks
    • 40 homes
    • /itemdb (Gives you the id of the item in your hand)
    • /i [item] (spawn items)
      Giving away items is not allowed

    • All previous perks
    • Unlimited homes
    • Use the Genetic Manipulator to change everyone's skin to yours on the whole server
      You must read more on the TARDIS plugin's contents page for more info
    • /more (refill a block stack)
    • Gamemode: Adventure, Survival, Creative, Spectator
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Re: [Vilous] Donation Info
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2018, 11:01:58 pm »
[Updated 7-Feb-2018]

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