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Title: Opening of the new SORB Hub!
Post by: Dutchy on December 29, 2019, 09:53:08 am
Hi all!
People on Discord probably noticed already (if youre not on there please join, now is your chance) that we have a new server running, the SORB Hub.

This hub is a bit different from SORB's traditional servers. The hub is a collection of SORB servers, providing you with an easy way to access all servers from one IP. Currently we have 2 servers connected to the hub: Vanilla, with Skyblock, creative, minigames, etc and the new Vilous server. Ernes is currently working on a factional warfare server.

Keep in mind that while the server is very well playable, there might still be some bugs to be found. If something goes wrong, just ping me on discord ;)

The IP is (might be subject to change, will update you on this)