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Author Topic: [BuildTeam] Application and Requirements (Updated)  (Read 1596 times)

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[BuildTeam] Application and Requirements (Updated)
« on: December 17, 2015, 03:17:36 am »
What is BuildTeam?
The BuildTeam is a rank that is currently available on Vanilla Hybrid, B-Team, and Pixelmon. The BuildTeam are responsible for creating new maps, spawns and arenas for mini games and creating new spawns for all the different worlds on the servers as requested by a Server Manager.

Name: [In-game name here]
Age: [Your real age.]
Timezone: [Timezone here]
Location of Plot: [Co-ordinates or plot ID in Vanilla Creative World and if you are a Donator specify the world (Default or Donator)]
Building Specialties: [What kind of builds are you good at?]
How long it took to build your application: [Hours/Days]
How often are you on the servers a day?: [Hours of activity, and which server(s) are you active on]

You Must
- Be active on the server
- Build something in the creative world (On Vanilla Hybrid)
- Ensure the builds be built exclusively by yourself (You may take suggestions from others though)
- Have a nice attitude towards other players
- Provide pictures of your build (Inside and out)

You Must Not

- Beg anyone (Dark)
- Bribe or persuade anyone
- Abuse BT rank on any server. (You will be removed from the BuildTeam and possibly banned. You may also be barred from applying to BuildTeam again in the future.)

[X] Note:
- This isn't to be confused with staff application template in anyway possible.
- It is recommended you build something of moderate to large size as BuildTeam deals in large structures.
- Any questions about this application or anything to do with BuildTeam can be directed towards    XxDaRkTeMpLexX
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Re: [BuildTeam] Application and Requirements (Updated)
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2019, 03:25:55 am »
Build team applications are for now going to be suspended until we have a need for them. Apologies to all who may very well be a good builder ready to build for us, but we don't have a dire need for builders at the moment. Whenever we get new Pixel open, I will lift the suspension.
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