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Author Topic: Banned for Impersonating, but i wasnt even on at the time?  (Read 178 times)

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Offline NateslPlayzzzTopic starter

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Banned for Impersonating, but i wasnt even on at the time?
« on: January 22, 2019, 04:21:14 pm »
In-Game Name: NateslPlayzzzFR
Discord ID (if applicable): ToonyTheInkDemon#6201
Server: Survival/Slimefun
Story: I came on today and found out that i got banned for impersonating someone, but i was not on last night, i do not know why, as i had left around 8:00 pm my time to head to bed,  but i came on today, some1 asked me why im on, that i was banned, i do not know why. I feel like i got hacked and someone has taken the oppourtunity to ban me, i do not understand why. I feel like it couldve been someone taking my account and saying was something. I am fully sorry if whoever used my account did something explicitly bad, i will try to change my password to see if it stops.
Reason:  I was not on at the time, i was watching a movie, so i have no idea why i would be banned for impersonating  someone, i am being 100% truthfully honest,  i was  watching the thing, and i left about 8:00 to watch it, I had just joined yesterday, so i dunno if someone  came on and impersonated someone, If it said i was, i am extremely sorry and it will not happened again, as i will try to fix it, I am very  honest and i would actually never break any rules! i came on for some fun with making a farm and tardis, and i find out im banned. I hope you realize this.
Evidence:  Around my time which is est 8:00Pm in logs it should show i left the server, i dont have any screenshots but i have school , so if im on after 8:00pm it shouldnt be me. This has never happened to me before, as i havent done anything, i logged on, but i was in the same place, it couldve been one of my friends that i no loner am friends with that could have done this, his name is SpringyFr or something like that, im extremely sorry this has happened. and i hope you accept this appeal

-NateslPlayzzzFr, Nate

Offline srgl

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Re: Banned for Impersonating, but i wasnt even on at the time?
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2019, 11:23:24 pm »
You were seen frequently leaving and rejoining constantly (because someone can't play as you without your password) so this may back up your claim enough. I don't care who it might be, I only care that it wasn't actually you. If you're seen with any other suspicious activity associated with your username, NateslPlayzzzFR, it will probably result in the same thing again. If you DO know someone it might be, please talk to them and deal with that yourself.
Sorry for the mixup, it looks like the evidence is on your side.
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Offline NateslPlayzzzTopic starter

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Re: Banned for Impersonating, but i wasnt even on at the time?
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2019, 12:36:51 am »
Wait! I think i remember now! when i was logging in i forgot my password like 2 or three times then got it right! lol, sorry about  that! i remember now, im very sorry about that incovienience, other than that, im good! thanks for understanding. -Nate



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