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Author Topic: Lost Stuff  (Read 77 times)

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Lost Stuff
« on: March 13, 2019, 06:01:44 pm »
I was moving all of my stuff in chests out of my tardis because i was upgrading it and I went to open one of the chests Id moved everything into, which was completely full with stuff and it was empty. All of my items were gone. I had had all of my most important stuff in it too. I had diamonds, other resources like gold iron coal lapis etc., tools, food and it all disappeared.
When i first opened it I tried to take a pickaxe out and it kept glitching back into its spot i took it from instead of going into my inventory. So I decided to close the chest and reopen it. Once I did it was empty and all of my items had disappeared. If I could have some help and get my stuff back that would be great because I worked really hard to get it all. Thank you. :) -Jaznix



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  • Coaliz: We all hated him the day he became relevant, which idk why he did, he was useless
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  • Leo.: I apologise for bringing up the name.
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  • Leo.: And im glad i hated him since day 4 of me on pixel.
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