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Author Topic: Foxpal's staff application [Accepted]  (Read 740 times)

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Foxpal's staff application [Accepted]
« on: January 26, 2020, 01:10:10 am »

Name: Foxpal
 Age: 20
 Spoken Language/s: English, German, Spanish
 Timezone: CST
Reason: When I was a young boy my father took me into the city to the library and showed me the sorb registry and we accidentally stumbled across the sorb Minecraft servers. Ever since then my young mind was shaped and molded into that of a degenerate computer scientist, and I have become a being of great power. This power granted to me through the years of research and triumph on sorb's servers has caused me to literally be trapped here and never be able to leave this place. Becoming staff isn't just a want, it's a need. Without it I will die. My mind will implode into a gooey mush that will leak from every crevasse of my body. Which will then leak onto the floor, which after years of decay will cause the floor to become structurally unsound, which will then cause the building to collapse, which in turn will cause a gas line to bust, which will cause a chain reaction that blows up the entire city. I have literally no idea what I am typing anymore. also this

 Past Experience: literally ran half of sorb's servers throughout 2015-16
Which server/s do you play on?: Pixelmon
How often are you on the server/s a day?: :thinking:
 How often are you on the forums a day?: time is a social construct

[Agreement] By posting this application, I agree that If my application gets accepted will follow all of the SORB Minecraft rules and be a model staff member. I will not use this power to abuse the other members and I will remain respectful to everyone in the servers. Failure to do so will lead to me losing my staff rank as well as a possible ban.
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Re: Foxpal's staff application
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2020, 10:04:21 am »
Made me tear up,
*insert yotzty gif here*

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Re: Foxpal's staff application
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2020, 10:10:29 am »
Supported Good luck

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Re: Foxpal's staff application
« Reply #3 on: January 26, 2020, 11:02:59 am »

This hazmot went to join the army and now he's back
but your story did make me cry

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Re: Foxpal's staff application
« Reply #4 on: January 28, 2020, 03:05:55 pm »
Your staff app made me rethink my life decisions


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