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Author Topic: Staff application template and information  (Read 8976 times)

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Staff application template and information
« on: January 27, 2013, 09:53:06 am »
Staff Application Template


So you want to be staff, huh? Well, you can apply within this board to become a dedicated SORB staff member. Once being accepted you will start off as a Junior Moderator, then as you become a better staff member you will progress through the higher staff ranks. There are no applications for each rank, just to be a part of the staff team. If you are wanting to be accepted please make sure you reach each of these requirements:

  • A forum account
  • High activity on the server/s
  • Moderate to high activity on the forums
  • Have made an introduction topic on the forums
  • Have strong knowledge of the server/s rules
  • Already having a presence
  • Helping out newbies (BIG MUST)
  • Friendly and Approachable
  • 15 Posts on forums (5, if you are a Donator)

Once you have read and known you match all these requirements, it is time to make your application. Make sure to follow the template below.

When posting your application, please use the following template (BY USING THE TEMPLATE DROPDOWN BOX AS SEEN BELOW IN THE GIF):

Spoken Language/s:
Past Experience:
Which server/s do you play on?:
How often are you on the server/s a day?:
How often are you on the forums a day?:

[Agreement] By posting this application, I agree that If my application gets accepted will follow all of the SORB Minecraft rules and be a model staff member. I will not use this power to abuse the other members and I will remain respectful to everyone in the servers. Failure to do so will lead to me losing my staff rank as well as a possible ban.

Failing to follow this template will result in having your Application denied

When you are ready to post a request, go back to the Staff Applications board and press NEW TOPIC at the top right. Within the post, make sure to follow the template given in this post.

Note: Please do not ask about the status of your application or further ask for a staff rank. This will only slow down the process and irritate the admins, and NOBODY wants that. Failure to follow this simple rule may lead to an immediate denial of your Staff Application, as well as a barring from the ability to ask in the future.

To start your application, select the Staff Application template in your post like this:

Fill out each field.

Staff Application Template Example

This is a example of a good staff application.

Name: DaROCK12311
Age: 13
Spoken Languages: English & Spanish
Timezone: US Central
Reason: Becuase i think i can do good and also i know that I would be a dedicated staff member and not just some lazy slob that just wants gamemode for their own purposes and not even help out the players at all.
Past Experience: Yes. I have been staff on lots of other servers i've been mod on 3 servers (4 including this one) 3 OP's and a co-owner.
Which server/s do you play on?: B-team and Tekkit Classic
How often are you on the servers a day?: I come on the server everyday and always try to help out the other players. I play on Pixelmon the most
How often are you on the forums a day?: All Day Everyday.

[X] By marking this field and posting this  application, I agree that If my application gets accepted will follow all of the SORB Minecraft rules and be a model staff member. I will not use this power to abuse the other members and I will remain respectful to everyone in the servers. Failure to do so will lead to me losing my staff rank as well as a possible ban

Additional info: I have been on the server for a LONG while like 6 months.

S.M.A.R.T Staff Application

S: Specific - Be specific on how often you play on sorb, not just "often", often can indicate a lot of things. Put a lot of detail why you should be J-mod. Tips: target on maturity, caringness, thoughtful, communication, time management skills etc.

M: Measurable: You say you'll bring change and will moderate sorb really well, but how? How can u do that? When are you gonna do that?

A: Action-orientated: Prboof that you actually help newbies! Prove that you actually do this action!

R: Reasonable : Make your statements reasonable not like: "I have ben da admin in da 20 server but they all shute down, I'm the mod on 30 servers and ban over 1000 ppl xD".

Dishonesty and immaturity can effect your app a lot!

T: Timely - You say you're going to do this and that, but when? When are you going to do that?

Staff Application Requirements

If you think you reach all those following requirements, you are ready for J-Mod.

Who we want:

Thinkers -  Think about every step you make, as it could effect a range of people and make appropriate punishments for certain people. A thinker would be a initiative person who just helps the server without other people telling you to. REMEMBER - Thinkers never show off with what they did for the server.

Risk-Taker - Don't be afraid spit out anything you don't like about the server AND provide better solutions

Principled - Be a mature person who can use their commands appropriately at different situations. E.g. a spammer attacks, how would you respond to them? AND ALWAYS BE HONEST. AS A STAFF MEMBER, IF YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG JUST ADMIT IT. ITS ALWAYS BETTER THAN LYING.

Knowledgable - Have basic knowledge/experience in supervision of servers and plugins so your not COMPLETELY new in supervising servers. Also, have strong understanding in both server and forum rules.

Open-Minded - Always. Always. Be willing to consider our people's suggestions if though if you don't like it! Server's benefits are always prioritized before anything.

Caring - No matter what. DO NOT say anything disrespectful to anybody. Always
Respect all players in the community, even though you dislike them, because they are still part of us. And always encouraging other people to do better!

Activity - Stay highly active in the SORB community (including forums and ig), inactivity will lead to permanent demotion.
Don't question me where this came from.

Post Count - The required post count is currently 15 posts (and 5 for donators).

Also take into consideration:

I know we have a ton of great people on the server who would be great server staff. But unfortunately we cant promote every member that comes into the server to J-Mod.

Remember you joined this server to play the great game of minecraft, not to earn a title next to your name.

If you think you should have been promoted and someone else did instead, don't complain about it. Stay active and keep on working for it, help members in game, be active on the forums, post ban reports (also donating helps your chances too).

If you're new don't expect staff straight away, if we want high quality staff we will accept people who have been with us for some time.

Think of your staff application as a résumé. Being a staff member is a job and you have to apply for staff, just like any other job. Your job is to mute, ban, kick, warn etc...

If you were writing out your résumé, you would not put emoticons on the page right? So why put emoticons on your staff application? It looks unprofessional and you won't get accepted as staff.

Usage of proper grammar is also important. We are a bit lenient on proper usage of grammar but if you use correct grammar, it makes it easier to read your staff application and it shows that you put time and effort into writing it showing us that you are serious about being a staff member and know what to do when you are one.

Make your reason to why you should be staff as descriptive as possible. One sentence is not going to be enough. I would right a good paragraph of reasoning. Think of what a staff should do and write out that you would do those things if you were staff. I see a lot of applications which have one sentence which describe that they will be helpful. Although it is great to be a helpful staff, it's not all that they do and we want to know what your actions will be when you become a staff. That is what the reason section is for so make the most out of that section and write as much as you can in the "reason" section.

Read all the 'sticky topics' in the staff application board, the ones that have a pin on the topic, as they show the template you have to use and it also gives you general rules and tips in writing one.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: Staff application template and information
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2018, 10:35:35 am »
I periodically make changes to this post, so it is not 100% the post originally made by Jeremy, although most of the stuff written on it is him. Most of the information is up to date but there may be a few errors. I will continue to correct any that I notice.
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